30 Romantic Things Only Gentlemen Do

Let’s face it: romance has slipped throughout the years after the invention of cellphones. People rarely chat during dates, relationships are being ended through “ghosting,” and gone were the days where a woman waited anxiously for the guy she likes to finally call.
Well, to be fair, romance isn’t entirely dead (yay!). There are still plenty of gentlemen who will keep it old school for you. Here’s 30 of the most romantic and aww-inducing things only this special breed of men does.
1) Holds your hand while driving
2) Kisses your nose and forehead
3) Holds doors open for you
4) Plans special dates out of the blue
5) Surprises you with flowers ‘just cause’
6) Calls you “beautiful” instead of just “sexy” or “hot”
7) Defends you no matter what
8) Stands up to the guy who won’t leave you alone
9) Brings a bottle of wine to dinner with your parents
10) Spoils you endlessly on your birthday
11) Comes to your door carrying a giant teddy bear or balloon
12) Kisses you in the rain
13) Sings to you, even though he’s shy
14) Tells you he loves you all the time
15) Let’s you pick the movie, even if its a chick-flick
16) Actually wants to do Netflix & Chill
17) Tries to get to know your friends
18) Takes you dancing
19) Writes you love letters
20) Makes you a mixtape
21) Doesn’t check out other girls
22) Texts you cute “good morning, beautiful” texts
23) Let’s you control the radio in his car
24) Laughs when he thinks you’re being adorable
25) Listens to you when you vent
26) Cuddles you when you cry
27) Travels far just to see you again
28) Makes you dinner
29) Brings you chocolate just because
30) Is undeniably and unforgivingly in love with you


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