4 Happiness-Reducing Sins You Need to Stop Doing

High expectations, perfectionism, worrying, negative thinking… all of these ways of thinking may be common, but they’re seriously screwing with your happiness.

Here’s how to identify if you, too, are committing these happiness-reducing sins and ways to reverse it.


High Expectations

Having high expectations is important when it comes to creating standards for your life, like career aspirations and relationships. But what if these high, unrealistic expectations are actually causing more damage than good?

Constantly expecting everything to go as you planned will only cause feelings of disappointment when a person or situation doesn’t deliver. To avoid this, create a list of the things in your life that you associate high expectations with and begin to develop an attitude that is better equipped to expect less and accept imperfections.



High expectations and perfectionism go hand in hand, and it can be seriously detrimental to your happiness. Instead of constantly pushing yourself and others to unrealistic ideals, take a step back to breathe, accept that yourself and others aren’t perfect and start small with cutting back your effort to certain things. For example, if you’re the type of person who won’t hand in an assignment until it’s absolutely to your standard of perfection, break the habit by submitting it early on before you have a chance to change your mind and drive yourself insane.


Being a Worry Wart

According to the journal, Livescience, women worry more often than men do. There are plenty of stresses in life, but spending your time ruminating on the same issue for hours (and sometimes days) will only leave you feeling more anxious, depressed and exhausted. To stop the circle of worry, set aside a time during the day to write down all of your concerns and then develop a plan of action for each one. By doing this, you’ll feel more proactive and it will serve a reminder for your mind to only worry during your allotted worry period.


Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is easily the number one way to diminish happiness. Remember, you are what you think and a constant stream of negative thoughts that only magnify every problem will leave you feeling worn down. Change your life today by making a conscious effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, use affirmations and shift your attitude to one that is accepting and loving, imperfections and all.


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