About Sarah


A writer, editor, dreamer, aspiring author, and the voice behind The Put-Together (Ish) Girl. Creating a website like this has always been on my mind. For years, I’ve been working on personal development, everything from all thing adulting, self-care, capsule wardrobes, beauty schedule routines, basic hygiene practices, and so on. The drive to get my life together stemmed from me feeling behind in life, not “normal” like the other girls my age, as I didn’t have the basic adulting fundamentals down pat. I felt like a victim because my parents didn’t teach me how to do my taxes or calm myself down in the midst of anxiety. But, I also had a choice, as we all do: stay a “victim,” waiting for that one person, one thing to finally get my life together. Or, take action myself and do something about it.

I chose the latter. 

Because the only person we can count on in this lifetime to create the life we want for ourselves is us. But we must be willing to put in the work.

Luckily, I’ve had some inspiration.

When I think of being “put-together” two celebrities come to mind: Meghan Markle and Lauren Conrad. One is now quite literally royalty and the other, well, I’m sure we can agree, is royalty in her own right. She has built a fashion empire, after all. But what they have most in common is their ability to be excellent role models of what it means to be “put-together.” They achieve this by being true to themselves, their brand, and living lives that revolve around seeking balance.

For Meghan, that’s maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. While she loves to cook and often indulges in fun nights out (with her Prince, no less. How many of us can say that?), she balances that lifestyle with morning runs and a regular yoga practice. When it comes to her style, she keeps things chic, elegant yet comfortable.

For Lauren, we’ve been obsessed with the Laguna Beach and The Hills alum for a reason: her style, which is always put-together. And secondly, for knowing what she wants and going for it, resulting in her blossoming empire. She’s dedicated to her friends, family and new role as a mother and isn’t afraid to cut toxic people out of her life. (looking at you, Heidi).

These two celebrities have been an inspiration for my personal development goals. Who are some of yours?

The goal isn’t to perfect our lives to replicate theirs, but rather to look to them for inspiration as they’ve got the pillars of true, balanced living down pat.

What we as women should strive for is to be the best versions of themselves. Women who are invested in taking care of themselves, from the inside out. 

I am so excited to be on this journey with you as we take it, day by day, bit by bit. So grab a glass of wine (what’s balance without it?) and get reading.