Who is the Put-Together (Ish) Girl? 

If you’ve stumbled here, then that means that you can likely relate to at least 2 of these following traits:

  • When it comes to adulting, it’s safe to say that you have no clue where to begin. Have you been adulting this whole time? Is it time to buy a budget book? Do you finally understand the “Debbies'” and “Brenda’s” of the world?
  • Despite being totally confused by that first point, you do know the rush of accomplishment you feel when doing things like paying your bills on time, investing a night for self-care, or spending Sundays organizing your week ahead instead of spending it hungover yet again. And the crazy thing is, you like that feeling of accomplishment, of feeling a bit more put-together.
  • You’ve spent a good chunk of your adolescent life envying some girl on Instagram. You’ve spent late nights Insta-stalking her, wishing that you, too, could have the “perfect” life. One where your hair does that perfect flippy thing like hers, or where things just always seem to go right.
  • Despite #3, you know that there is no such thing as being “perfect.” Yet, you have the desire to put in the effort needed to create the life, the version of yourself, you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re still reading, great! Here’s what this site is all about. The Put-Together (Ish) Girl embraces change and strives to create the best life for herself. She achieves this through self-love and self-care and nourishing her mind, body, and soul. She seeks balance in all things. She may attend a morning yoga class and sip on green juice only to switch to rosé with her girlfriends later on. She sets healthy habits for her life through productive routines, personal growth and aiming for balance in her life.

To learn more about who I am and why I started this blog, visit my very own about me page here (self-absorbed much, I know).

But the truth is, the reason I created this space for women alike is that I’m on the same journey as you.

Growing up, I wasn’t taught the fundamentals that would make adulting easier. Things like nourishing your body with healthy eating and regular exercise; hygiene routines; setting goals and healthy habits; and keeping yourself accountable through it all. For years, I felt behind in life because of my lack of knowledge. I didn’t feel “normal,” but years of therapy and personal development has put my life on the right track. Just because you weren’t taught something, doesn’t mean you can’t go out and learn it yourself. There’s YouTube, Pinterest, DIYs, therapy, and of course, this website. Your one-stop shop for all things becoming your own version of a put-together girl. Whatever that means for you. 

I’m not perfect. You’re not either. 

I’m not fully put-together and I’m guessing by the sudden nod of your head to everything I’m saying, that you’re not either. 

And that’s okay. One of the most lovely, liberating, purposeful conclusions I have come to in this life is that it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to not look or live the life like the perfect girl on Instagram. I spent so many years trying to do that, to exhaustive results, but now I want my life—and yours—to get to a healthy, balanced place where the only girl we see living the lives we want is ourselves. No more comparisons or self-doubt. Just a happier, calmer, more productive, organized, put-together (ish) version of ourselves.

We got this… you in?