How To Deal: 3 Ways to Get Over Anger

On a typical day, a person’s anger may seem like it’s constantly being tested. First, there was the jerk who cut you off during your morning commute, and then there was the surprise project at work that scratched your Friday night happy hour plans.

But no matter what life throws at you, you have a choice as to whether or not you let anger get the best of you. With these three tips on how to resolve anger the healthy way, you’ll go from the female Hulk to Miss Calm and Peaceful in no time.


1. Learn to Resolve or Dissolve
When it comes to anger, our attitude plays a very important role in deciding how we feel. In any situation where your anger has peaked, remember these words: resolve or dissolve. In other words, you have the choice to either resolve the issue with the person or situation that has caused you to feel upset or you can choose to dissolve the anger and not let it take up any more of your energy. Just remember, the choice is always yours.

2. Work Out the Anger
There are so many reasons to exercise, and reducing anger is just another one of them. Have you ever been extremely angry, but then you took all of your frustration out on a intense workout (bonus points if it was kickboxing) and ended up forgetting what you were even upset about in the first place? This, ladies, is the magic of working out. According to Psychology Today, physical exercise creates a “robust prophylactic effect” against the build-up of anger. So start smiling and get sweating!

3. Journal Those Feelings
If you’ve ever wanted to write down exactly how you feel about someone and how they’ve made you feel, this is your chance. Not only is journaling effective for battling depression and anxiety, it can also be extremely beneficial to resolving anger.

The next time someone betrays your trust or simply just majorly pisses you off, write about it. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, just take out a pen and paper and let your feelings spill onto the page. Doing so will help release any pent up anger and this can create a cathartic effect, similar to how one feels after a good cry.


Most importantly, though, keep smiling! All it takes is one smile to feel a little better.

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