Self-Care Sunday: Nighttime Beauty Routine

News flash: Sundays aren’t just for errands. Amongst all the running around, cleaning your home, grabbing groceries and preparing meals for the week, there is one essential component that shouldn’t be missed: self-care. And not just any self-care, beauty self-care. Yes, it matters a lot.

Just like you make time to write in your journal or get in a few minutes of meditation, part of feeling put-together means getting a beauty routine that works for you, down pat. For me, my Sundays look a little like this in terms of my beauty routine.

  • Do my nails or book an appointment to do so.
  • Wash my hair and do a hair mask.
  • Do a facemask while flipping through a magazine and sipping on calming tea or wine.
  • Clean my makeup brushes.
  • Organize my vanity table.
  • Exfoliate my skin.
  • Wax or tweeze.
  • Watch YouTube beauty tutorials for looks I want to try throughout the week.

There’s plenty more, but these are just some of the essentials. All will have you feeling (and looking) good, while also feeling productive AF. #selfcare.

Take a read below for all the essentials you should try to add to your next Sunday nighttime beauty routine.

Freshen up your nails.

I don’t know what it is about having my nails done, but when I glance down and see a fresh manicure, I instantly feel more put-together. But going to the salon a few times a month can easily get out of hand (pun intended), money-wise. So, I advise you create a mini salon in your own home.

I like to keep all my nail stuff organized. I have a large container from IKEA with different sections. Most are filled with my many nail colours. My tools and cotton pads are in a separate pouch. I recommend investing in cuticle cream, a basic nail tool kit like the ones they have at the salon and cute accessories that will take your at-home manicure from 8 to 10, like stickers, jewels, etc.

Apply a face mask while you sip tea and flip through magazines

We’ve all seen the meme about how, in the midst of so much stress, a facemask can seem to fix everything. While this might not totally be true, it does help. I like to combine this self-care act with another one since there’s basically no effort involved in applying one, other than just sitting around. So, I like to add some candles, tea, maybe some wine, a rom-com or just flipping through one of my favourite women’s magazines.

It’ll have your skin feeling fresh AF, as well as you feeling like you took some quality time to take care of yourself. Win-win.

Clean your makeup brushes and hair tools

It’s often a forgotten task, but it is so important to keep your beauty and hair tools in top condition. If I can’t clean mine once per week, the longest I can go without is a month. Fresh, clean tools simply feel good and you can rest easy that all that old bacteria and gunk is washed away.

There’s plenty of tools you can buy to help you with this like a makeup brush cleaner or special wipes that will take care of your hair straightener, but I like to keep it simple. I mix half parts olive oil with half parts dish soap. I combine the two in a bowl, mix it together and then wipe the brushes, one by one, into the mixture, before laying my palm flat underneath the water and washing out the rest of the soap and old makeup.

Be sure to dry the brushes so they are sort of hanging in the air, if that makes sense. Laying brushes flat on a surface to dry will change their shape, so be sure to give them space where they are not laying flat.

For the hair tools, you can use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to remove the excess product build-up on your hair tools. Just be sure they’re turned off and not plugged in while you do so!

That’s it. Just a few self-care Sunday beauty to-dos that will have you feeling more put-together for the week ahead. What are some of your essential Sunday beauty routines?



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