Social Media Bringing You Down? Here’s How To Fix It

As a teenager, social media can be a fast and efficient way to connect with your family and friends, but, as you get older, it can quickly turn into a breeding ground for feeling depressed and behind in life.

Fear not, though. With these simple tweaks in your social media routine, you’ll stress less over others, feel happier and, most importantly, wish you had cut back a long time ago.

Cut out the drama-seekers.

Ah, drama-seekers. We’ve all had them at least once on our Facebook page and, although it can be entertaining to watch the drama of their life unfold one status at a time, keeping these drama-seekers on your social media platforms may actually be doing more harm than good. According to the Huffington Post, drama is unnecessary negativity, which can eventually impact several areas of a person’s life.

If you find yourself getting sucked into or simply just increasingly annoyed by their drama, use Facebook settings to limit the amount of posts you see from them or click on the handy ‘block’ button.


Still reeling over your ex-boyfriend? Consider hitting delete.

One of the best ways to move on from a breakup is avoiding having any contact with the person. This can be incredibly difficult if you still have them on social media. And let’s be honest, who really wants to see pictures of their ex-boyfriend moving on or—the horror—with a new girlfriend?

Thought so.

To save yourself the heartache, either limit the posts that you see from him or, if you’re feeling ballsy enough, cut him off your social media accounts completely. It’ll give both of you the space that you need to move on.


Don’t take social media so seriously.

While social media may be a reflection of people’s lives in the form of photographs, statuses and addictive emojis, it’s important to not take it so seriously. It’s almost too easy to become envious after reading a status about a frenemy finally landing her dream job or scrolling past an old friend’s weight loss progress. Suddenly, you feel guilty for spending your Saturday night, laying on the couch, ice cream container in hand, while binge-watching Netflix.

Just remember, people use social media to showcase the best of their lives. Don’t take it so seriously or let you affect you mentally by feeling depressed or insignificant compared to others. To curb this, limit your intake of social media and go out and make a life worth living (and, eventually, sharing).

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