What Are Your Dating Disclaimers?

When you first enter a new relationship, it’s probably not a good idea to show your guy the tattoo of his face you got last week or the twenty cats you have hidden in your spare room. Essentially, any warning sign that would make him believe you’re a Total. Hot. Mess.

These “disclaimers,” if you will, can be best described as a warning which are usually used in home fitness programs or video games. But, when it comes to you, specifically, what are your dating disclaimers? What are the weird habits or secret single behaviours (SSB) that you wouldn’t even dare tell your friends about?

Most quirky habits can be hidden in the name of love, but what about other issues that are likely to show themselves at least once during your relationship?

For one, telling your new guy about these “you should probably know…” statements usually don’t go over well. Just ask Hollywood. In the movie, Friends With Benefits, Jamie aka Mila Kunis, tells her new fling that she’s kind of emotionally damaged. This statement seems to be accepted, but the guy plays it cool, goes for one last hookup and then tries disappearing the next morning while she’s out getting coffee for them.

So dating disclaimers aren’t always a good thing, but some warnings simply need to be put out there. Say you truly were hurt by your last douchebag of a boyfriend and are having issues with trust, it’s important that you let your new guy know. You started dating him for a reason, so he should listen and be understanding to your situation. Sharing this information may even bring you two closer, which is always a bonus.

So the bottom line, my friends, is: be honest about the important issues that could truly impact or even ruin your relationship. For now, though, ladies, keep the cats hidden. If you’re lucky, who knows, he may even have a collection of his own.


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